We help you create and manufacture products. Via market researches, visualisation, engineering, prototyping and market introduction.

DESIGN | visualising & engineering

Ideas take shape in a 3D model. Choices are made in the area of details and materials, to enhance the concept. This phase results in technical drawings and principle solutions. Important criteria: production costs, ergonomics and construction.

CONCEPT  | market research & drafts

To achieve innovative products, the concept phase is the first and most important. We visualise the concept using mood-boards and drafts, after brainstorming and consulting with the client and manufacturer. Together we set the design goals. Important criteria: distinctiveness and maximum brand experience.


PRODUCTION  | prototyping & market introduction

The design is in the hands of the manufacturer. We work together to elaborate the details. The product becomes a physical object. With our knowledge and expertise, we can overcome what may seem impossible. We discuss the models with the client so that we can then fine-tune any modifications. Design results are documented in product sheets to guarantee the continuity and consistency of manufacture.